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Through years of experience working at different multinationals in director positions, Edson has introduced the concept of Courageous Conversations and is also pursuing a PhD in leadership.

Courageous Conversations

Societal paradigm changes are affecting the way we collaborate in organisations. Together with a team of experts, Edson has designed the concept: Courageous Conversations.

The concept has been designed to increase organisation’s elasticity and skills to have difficult and courageous conversations. The focus is on enhancing awareness and the re-invention of a common language to help incorporate major changes into day-to-day business dealings.

Humanising the role of leaders

Being able to have these courageous conversations enhances organisational learning, engagement, learning curiosity and humanises the role of leaders. It changes the perspective from ‘they are the ones that know all’ to the ones that ‘are skilled in asking the right questions’. This charts a course for the organisation that collectively make sense.

Interested in learning more about Courageous Conversations and how this concept can be used in your organisation? 


PhD research

Edson is currently pursuing his PhD in Leadership. Read the research abstract below:

Leader behaviour research places insufficient attention on the dynamics of the internal and external environments and its influence on the organisation, its employees and the eco-systems in which it operates. A paradigm shift is required on how we look at leader behaviours.  We need to look at leader behaviour as part of a leader collective of an organisational system and business ecosystem, interacting amongst themselves, their subordinates, their networks and the external environment. We are conducting leader behaviour research so that we can redesign and reposition leadership as an act  that transcends the boundaries of organisational context, taking changing organisational priorities embedded in dynamic external influences into account. The subject has been insufficiently addressed, establishing a research gap.

The research will be published once completed.

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