Organisational Development

Transformation is often unsuccessful. Why? Because teams don’t spend enough time reflecting and collectively making sense of what it means for each individual.
Our team is here to help you ensure sustainable change!

Ensuring sustainable change

Having a clear strategy, making sense of that strategy and executing it properly is crucial if you want transformation to stick.

We help organisations engage in transformation by collectively defining dilemmas, strategising, and making sense of solutions before prioritising the execution.

Our programmes are contextualised and co-created for large multinationals but also start-ups and scale-ups with growth ambitions.

What to expect

We reach the main goal by jumpstarting the transformation with cross-expertise business challenges. We focus on five different pivotal drivers to find the most fitting solution, always taking a 360 bespoke approach.

1. Business value agenda

What does it take to build an inclusive People and Commercial Value proposition?

2. Behaviours that matter

What does it take to engender inclusive and safe behaviours and interaction patterns?

3. Talent for value

What does it take to appoint and develop employees that understand that inclusion and sustainable growth go hand in hand?

4. Organisational engagement

What does it take to transition into an inclusive and sustainable organisation?

5. Transfer of learning

What does it take to institutionalise a repetitive cycle of inclusive capability building?

By focusing on these 5 drivers, we contextualise and clarify what needs to happen to ensure sustainable change.

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About Edson Hato

Edson Hato is a people executive who is known for creating impact. With years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Edson uses his knowledge to help solve complex organisational challenges and orchestrate systemwide holistic transformational change.

Together with his team of experts, Edson supports leaders and organisations in deconstructing and understanding how their inner narrative, influences behaviours and leads to actions.

Every organisation is different which means every project is custom.
No off-the-shelf solutions are offered.

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