Inclusive Business

Are you making equitable decisions? Are your outcomes creating true equality within the value chain you are operating in? It's time to take responsibility.

Taking responsibility

If your organisation is really ready to take responsibility for their role and power in the value chain, we are here to help you achieve inclusive business. 

Embarking on this journey is only for the organisations that have the ambition to put equity, equality and inclusion at the heart of their DNA. It is for those organisations that believe in equitable profits and win-win solutions for all involved.

Are you ready?

Important questions to ask yourself

Achieving inclusive business

If you are interested in working with us to achieve a more inclusive business, we will help you define the following:

Equitable business goals​

Differentiated strategy

Reconciliation of business dilemmas

Collective sense making and collective execution

Interested in learning more about inclusive business?

About Edson Hato

Edson Hato is a people executive who is known for creating impact. With years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Edson uses his knowledge to help solve complex organisational challenges and orchestrate systemwide holistic transformational change.

Together with his team of experts, Edson supports leaders and organisations in deconstructing and understanding how their inner narrative, influences behaviours and leads to actions.

Every organisation is different which means every project is custom.
No off-the-shelf solutions are offered.

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