About Edson Hato

Edson Hato is a people executive who is known for creating impact. With years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Edson uses his knowledge to help solve complex organisational challenges and orchestrate systemwide holistic transformational change.

Why work
with me?

Why work with me?

About Edson

I was born on Curacao, a former Dutch colony and former slave trading post. When I was 19, I moved to the Netherlands to study economics and I later received a scholarship to study business and marketing in New York. Once I started applying for jobs in the corporate world, I quickly realised that I was not seen as the safe option.

The absence of diversity in leadership teams meant I was often the anomaly. People had never interacted with someone like me which made them uncomfortable.

I decided to use my expertise in business, economics and people management as well as my cultural background to create change.

"Organisations need to learn and expand their narrowed view to be prepared for the next generation and to ensure sustainable results!"

My philosophy

I believe that the only way we can find solutions to the challenges we are facing, is by having multiple diverse perspectives from a diverse group of people.

Great leadership brings realness back into organisations. It ensures that the diversity of clients, differences in communities and the unique wants and needs of customers and stakeholders is represented, understood and taken into consideration.

What we do

Together with my team of experts, we help propel businesses to be inclusive which leads to equitable, and equality driven organisations and communities.

We support leaders and organisations in deconstructing and understanding how their inner narrative, influences behaviours and leads to actions. Every organisation is different which means every project is custom.

No off-the-shelf solutions are offered.

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Dear visitor,

From the 7th September I will officially be the new representative of the Netherlands in Aruba, Curacao, and St. Maarten (VNACS).
 That means that for the next three years, my business will no longer be my number one priority.

This is a significant decision in my career, and I would like to thank you for your trust and support.

Of course you can still reach me via email hello@edsonhato.com.