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Edson Hato

Edson Hato is a people executive who is known for creating impact. With years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Edson uses his knowledge to help solve complex organisational challenges and orchestrate transformational change.

Change is not to be feared.
It is where MAGIC happens.

Change is not to be feared. It is where MAGIC happens.

The world is diverse and complex. Our societies, customer base and fields in which we work are changing rapidly, but leadership teams are still often homogenous. Absence of diversity in leadership teams means thinking patterns and decisions are not representative of the real world. This is problematic and not sustainable.

How can you serve your customers and employees if you do not understand who they really are and where they come from?

Areas of expertise

Together with a team of experts, Edson designs custom programmes to help solve complex organisational challenges and orchestrate transformational change. 

Together, we support leaders and organisations in deconstructing and understanding how their inner narrative influences the behaviours and actions.

Our bespoke approach

For change to happen, we work directly with the executives and businesses to co-create and deliver bespoke solutions. Every organisation is different which means every project is custom. 

Interested in learning more about our bespoke approach?

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Some important facts:

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Our goal: inspire leaders, and their organisations to commit to change so that sustainable management can be achieved and (organisational) challenges solved.

Employers and clients


I have known Edson for many years and through our frustrations with HR consultancy, we came together to do it differently. Edson is precise, to the point and great at defining the steps that need to be taken. His approach not only has an impact on the individuals but also on the teams and the entire organization.

Markus von Lepel

Chief HR Officer

Edson takes leadership development to the next level. His emergent, personal and thorough approach help organisations and leadership teams make impactful and necessary shifts and transitions. Don’t expect a check list, but a custom programme that really helps you get to the core.

Shiva Roofeh

Partner - Leadership Development

Edson’s energy is contagious and inspiring. His personal experiences as well as corporate knowledge increase his understanding of all the nuances and challenges we face. He was able to convey his message in a relatable yet resourceful way which left us all feeling the inclination to change.

Gero Decker

General Manager SAP Signavio

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